Man Shouts What He is Missing: An Anthem for the Corona Lockdown

“In the last two weeks of seger (lockdown) in Israel, an almost laughably long list of public figures have admitted to violating the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Some of them are lawmakers who are themselves directly responsible for initiating the lockdown.”

Join me as I try to explore what is going on here, with the help of the iconic Israeli musician Meir Ariel. On Arutz Sheva/Israel National News.

2 thoughts on “Man Shouts What He is Missing: An Anthem for the Corona Lockdown

  1. shalvag

    Hi Sarah,

    There I am on the couch very late at night, up nursing baby Sarah, desperate for something stimulating to read and, like a prayer answered, what pops into my inbox but your most recent articles on Corona and on trans orthodoxy…I enjoyed them each so much!!! Thank you for providing the perfect reading material…I even read through some of your older articles on Book of Books, and it made the long night pass by so pleasantly! Thank you!

    (Not sure how you manage to be such a prolific writer with a newborn and house full of kids KA”H!)

    Sending love to Yehudah! Shalva


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